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Tawatinaw Watershed Working Group

The Tawatinaw Watershed Working Group meets regularly to discuss watershed stewardship opportunities in the Tawatinaw River watershed. The Tawatinaw River watershed covers an area of approximately 746 km2 and is balanced by forests, wetlands, and agriculture. The Tawatinaw River begins at Helliwell Lake before flowing northward by the hamlets of Tawatinaw, Rochester, Perryvale, Meanook, and Colinton to meet the Athabasca River at the Town of Athabasca. To learn more or get involved, email or call Sarah MacDonald at science@awc-wpac.ca or 780-213-4550.

The Tawatinaw Watershed Working Group now has a Water Rangers page! If you’d like to participate in citizen science by helping us take water quality samples of the Tawatinaw River, consider joining the Tawatinaw Watershed Working Group.

Upcoming Events

The next date and time for a meeting will be shared here.