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Monitoring and Research

There are many historical studies and ongoing monitoring and research initiatives throughout the Athabasca watershed. The Athabasca Watershed Council is working to build awareness of these initiatives and the organizations working to increase our understanding of this basin. On this webpage, we have included monitoring and research organizations and programs; current data and information sources, which includes water quality, water quantity and use, groundwater, land cover and use, biodiversity, climate change and spatial data; we have also included major historical studies from across the watershed. If you have an initiative or resource that should be included here, please contact us at outreach@awc-wpac.ca.


Monitoring and Research Organizations and Programs

Major Historical Studies

Alberta Oil Sands Environmental Research Program (AOSERP)

Athabasca River 1999-2010: Canadian Heritage River Monitoring Report

Athabasca University: Athabasca River Basins Institute (ARBI)

Cumulative Environmental Management Association (CEMA)

Northern River Basins Study (NRBS)

Northern Rivers Ecosystem Initiative (NREI)

Regional Aquatic Monitoring Program (RAMP)