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Help us achieve our vision of a watershed that is ecologically healthy, socially responsible, and economically sustainable.

Get Involved – Employment Opportunities

Do you have an interest in gaining hands-on experience in watershed science? Consider joining our team! We’re currently hiring for a Watershed Science Technician! Learn more here.

Citizen Science

Be a Good Steward

Get Involved – Membership

“By becoming a member, you add your name to a growing list of individuals and organizations that support our work. The more people and organizations we represent, the stronger our voice becomes.”


As a multi-stakeholder organization, the Athabasca Watershed Council relies on our membership to understand what is happening in the watershed and to collaboratively work towards a more sustainable future.


Organizational Membership

Individual Membership

Become a Board Member

We have two membership types: Organizational and Individual.

Organizational Members are representatives from of a diverse array of organizations, including (but certainly not limited to) municipalities and other governments, universities and research groups, stewardship groups and other non-profit organizations, Indigenous peoples, and businesses (large and small) from a range of sectors. Apply Online | Download Form

Individual members are those interested and engaged citizens that collaborate on their own behalf.

By becoming a member, you are entitled to run for our Board of Directors, to vote at our AGM and other special meetings, and you get access to up-to-date information about the Athabasca River watershed. Apply Online | Download Form

Board of Directors

If you’re considering joining our Board of Directors, please take a moment and read through our Information for Prospective Board Members. It provides details on time commitments, committees and performance expectations for AWC Directors. Apply Online | Download Form

Membership Renewal

Membership in the Athabasca Watershed Council (AWC) is inclusive, participatory, and active. It is open to all individuals and organizations whose interests are consistent with the Vision, Mission, and Values of the AWC. The membership term for the AWC is from April 1st to March 31st of the following year. If you are an organizational or individual member, you must renew your membership before or after March 31st to extend your membership for another year. 

Membership Renewal Form