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Get Involved – Become a Member

Help us achieve our vision of a watershed that is ecologically healthy, socially responsible, and economically sustainable.

“By becoming a member, you add your name to a growing list of individuals and organizations that support our work. The more people and organizations we represent, the stronger our voice becomes.”

Organizational Membership

Individual Membership


As a multi-stakeholder organization, the Athabasca Watershed Council relies on our membership to understand what is happening in the watershed and to collaboratively work towards a more sustainable future.

We have two types of memberships: Organizational and Individual.

Organizational Members are representatives from of a diverse array of organizations, including (but certainly not limited to) municipalities and other governments, universities and research groups, stewardship groups and other non-profit organizations, Indigenous peoples, and businesses (large and small) from a range of sectors.

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Individual members are those interested and engaged citizens that collaborate on their own behalf.

By becoming a member, you are entitled to run for our Board of Directors, to vote at our AGM and other special meetings, and you get access to up-to-date information about the Athabasca River watershed.

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Board of Directors

If you’re considering joining our Board of Directors, please take a moment and read through our Information for Prospective Board Members. It provides details on time commitments, committees and performance expectations for AWC Directors.

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