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NatureLynx is a citizen science initiative by the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI). It is aiming to create an Alberta biodiversity network, by having people take pictures of their local biodiversity and post them to the NatureLynx app or webpage. If you’re located in the Athabasca Watershed, and interested in taking part in some citizen science, join our group here.

International Citizen Science Initiatives

eBird: If you’re a birder, you can catalogue all the birds you heard or saw after entering where, when and how you went birding. eBird observations can help inform conservation decisions and research!

HerpMapper: This citizen science initiative is designed to collect information on reptiles and amphibians around the world.

iNaturalist: On iNaturalist, you can report observations of any organisms: plants, animals, bugs, and any other critters! Findings get shared with scientific data repositories.