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We strive to keep our Membership, Stakeholders & Indigenous Partners and the public informed on the issues, health and available data of the Athabasca Watershed. Part of our function as a WPAC is to provide watershed education and increase watershed literacy throughought the watershed and beyond. By producing high quality publications and educational/marketing materials, we inform and educate our audience on the status of the Watershed and the activities of our organization.


The Athabasca Current

AWC In the News


Alberta Newsprint Company Notice of Release (April 25, 2023 Alberta Newsprint Company for the Athabasca Watershed Council)

Northern Alberta watershed conference first of its kind (February 21, 2023 Grande Prairie Daily Herald Tribune)


Mark your happy place on the map (January 29, 2022 Town and Country Today)

Maintaining the Tawatinaw River watershed (November 18, 2022 Town and Country Today)


Where ecology and palaeontology collide (August 19, 2021 Town and Country Today)

Teaching citizen scientists to hunt for ‘canary in the coal mine’ in Alberta’s rivers (August 7, 2021 The Narwhal)

Protecting our shorelines (July 11, 2021 Town and Country Today)

New director for watershed council (March 11, 2021 Town and Country Today)

Past Articles

Westlock County considers options for Pembina River flood hazard map (February 20, 2020 Town and Country Today)

Project launches to restore and protect Central Pembina River watershed (April 2, 2019 The Mayerthorpe Freelancer)

Kids take part in Bio Blitz along riverfront (July 2, 2018 Town and Country Today)

Protecting the Water (January 17, 2017 Town and Country Today)


The Athabasca Dispatch 2022

Athabasca Dispatch Vol.4 Issue 1