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Athabasca Watershed Sub-Basins

There are ten sub-basins in the Athabasca River Watershed. Since it covers such a large area, dividing the greater watershed into sub-watersheds allows for more effective management, as well as identification of local watershed issues.


The Upper Athabasca Sub-Watershed

The McLeod River Sub-Watershed

The Pembina River Sub-Watershed

The Upper Central Athabasca Sub-Watershed

The Lesser Slave Sub-Watershed


The Lake Athabasca Sub-Watershed

The Lower Athabasca Sub-Watershed

The Clearwater River Sub-Watershed

The Lower Central Athabasca Sub-Watershed

The La Biche Sub-Watershed

From the headwaters onward, the sub-watersheds are the Upper Athabasca Sub-watershed, the McLeod River Sub-watershed, the Pembina River Sub-watershed, The Upper Central Athabasca Sub-watershed, the Lesser Slave Sub-watershed, the La Biche Sub-watershed, the Lower Central Athabasca Sub-watershed, the Clearwater River Sub-watershed, the Lower Athabasca Sub-watershed, and the Lake Athabasca Sub-watershed.