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State of the Watershed

The first step towards achieving our vision of a healthy, diverse, and dynamic watershed is to comprehensively understand the Athabasca River watershed in its current state. The State of the Watershed Report, which has been developed over four phases, is an ongoing attempt to understand what is currently known about our watershed, and, just as importantly, what remains unknown.

Effective collaboration requires knowledge sharing, and effective decision-making requires a comprehensive knowledge of what is known and what is unknown. Our State of the Watershed Report helps on both counts.

Read the Reports

Phase 1

Phase 1 Report (2011) VIEW

Traditional Knowledge Overview VIEW

Phase 2

Phase 2 Report (2012) VIEW

Phase 3

Phase 3 Report (2013) VIEW

Phase 4

Phase 4 Report (2014) VIEW

Appendix A1: Sediment Data VIEW

Appendix A1: Water Quality Data VIEW