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Pembina Project


The Pembina Project builds on the data gaps, identified in the AWC’s State of the Watershed Reports to increase watershed resilience through wetland and riparian habitat assessment, education, restoration and conservation. For the first stage of this project, the AWC is currently working with Fiera Biological Consulting, that has developed a methodology, to rapidly map and assess riparian areas and the pressure on the riparian areas. This information will help planning, management, conservation, and restoration within the Pembina River Watershed. 


  • To improve flood and drought resiliency in the Pembina River watershed through riparian area assessment, education, restoration, conservation and long-term stewardship initiatives. 


  • To apply a GIS-based method for mapping riparian intactness in the Central Pembina River watershed in an effort to identify areas of high restoration and conservation priority that can be used to guide current and future watershed planning and management efforts.
  • Create an outreach program that will build landowner buy-in, connect residents to existing programs for improving their riparian area and build community capacity to continue this work in the future.  
  • To initiate and assist with multiple restoration programs, working with on-the-ground partners, focusing on areas of high priority where restoration and conservation would be of most benefit to mitigating floods and drought.
  • To create complementary outcomes through restoration, including improving fish/wildlife habitat, water quality and community outreach opportunities.  


If you would like more information, please contact:

science@awc-wpac.ca or call (780) 213-4550

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