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Athabasca River Outflow Blog

Floodplains in Alberta: A Tapestry of Geology and Ecology

AWC-WPAC, Science, and Watershed Issues | flood mitigation and floodplain | June 2024

Confronting Climate Challenges: Northern Alberta’s Winter Drought and Building Strategies for Long-Term Resilience 

AWC-WPAC, Science, and Watershed Issues | drought, resiliency, and water management | March 2024

An overview of palaeontology and how it relates to water

AWC-WPAC, Friday Read, and Science | conservation, paleontology, water, and water management | December 2023

Bifurcation Lakes in the Athabasca Watershed

Science | bifurcation lakes, david thompson, and watershed | November 2023

Understanding the Athabasca Watershed: Ponds and Dams in Focus 

AWC-WPAC, Science, and Watershed Issues | dams and watershed management | August 2023

Safe Secure Drinking Water For All: cause for the rare authorization of an inter-basin transfer in the Athabasca Watershed

AWC-WPAC, Friday Read, Science, and Watershed Issues | May 2023

Benthic Invertebrates; the Who, What, and Why

Friday Read and Science | benthic invertebrate and water | August 2022

Riparian Restoration: French Creek Tree Planting

AWC-WPAC, Project Update, and Science | July 2022

Kitaskino Nuwenëné Wildland Provincial Park Expansion

Friday Read and Science | May 2022

Benthic Invertebrates in the Headwaters of the Athabasca Watershed

AWC-WPAC, Friday Read, Project Update, and Science | aquatic invertebrates, biomonitoring, CABIN, Gregg River, McLeod River, Solomon Creek, and Whitehorse Creek | April 2022