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Berland-Wildhay Watershed Connectivity Remediation Planning

Project Purpose:  

This project will build on previous work by industry and others to identify waterbody crossings (e.g., bridges, culverts, etc.) in the Berland-Wildhay watershed.  It will look at habitat fragmentation threats to multiple native fish species. Working with industry, municipalities, Indigenous communities and others, the project will facilitate the development of a Watershed Connectivity Remediation Plan. The plan will identify criteria and prioritize barriers for remediation based on the amount and suitability of fish habitat they affect. This work supports federal Athabasca Rainbow Trout and provincial Western Arctic Bull Trout recovery strategies in the East Slope Rocky Mountains. 


Phase 1 of this project will see 3 facilitated meetings with stakeholders and Indigenous representatives between January 1 and March 31, 2022. Depending on funding, additional work may occur after March 31.  

Geographic Scope:  

The Berland and Wildhay sub-watersheds, north-northwest of Hinton, in the Athabasca Watershed:


“To facilitate the development of a Watershed Connectivity Remediation Plan”

For more information, contact:

Petra Rowell

Athabasca Watershed Council



Project Partners