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Board of Directors

To ensure that the Athabasca Watershed Council is representative of voices from across the watershed, the Board of Directors is comprised of seats representing specified stakeholder groups.

As outlined in the Board of Directors Terms of Reference, the Board of Directors has a maximum of 21 members (including the past Chairperson) representing specified positions for industry (5 seats), non-governmental organizations (5 seats), governments (5 seats), Indigenous (3 seats), and Members-at-Large (2 seats).

If you’re considering joining our Board of Directors, please take a moment and read through our INFORMATION FOR PROSPECTIVE BOARD MEMBERS. It provides details on time commitments, committees and performance expectations for AWC Directors.



2019 -2020 Board of Directors


Dave Coish | Alberta Environment and Parks 

Dr. Greg Piorkowski | Water Quality Section, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (Provincial/Federal Government) 

Robert Esau | M.D. of Lesser Slave River (Municipal – Upper Basin)

Larry ArmfeltAthabasca County (Municipal – Middle Basin)

Sterling Johnson | Lac La Biche County (Municipal – Lower Basin) 



Dan Moore | Vice Chair | Alberta Forest Products Association/Alberta Newsprint Company (Forestry)

Janice Linehan | Suncor Energy Inc. (Oil & Gas)

Janice Pitman | Private Organic Farm (Small Agricultural Producer)

Andrew Hutchison | Bighorn Mining (Mining/Utilities)

Vacant | Agriculture


Cleo Reece | Secretary | Fort McMurray First Nations 

John Ritchie | Individual Member



NGO’s, Stewardship, Academia

Brian Deheer | Board Chair | Stewards of Lac La Biche Watershed (Health & Environment)

Marv Fyten | Individual (Health and Environment)

Tom Weber | Clearwater River Heritage Society (Stewardship)

Morris Nesdole | Baptiste and Island Lakes Stewardship Society (Stewardship)

Dr. Robert Holmberg | Athabasca University (Research & Academia)



Marcel Ulliac | Treasurer | Individual (Member-at-Large)

Tim Polzin | Individual (Member-at-Large)

2019 -2020 Board of Directors – Alternates


Curtis Brock | Alberta Environment and Parks 

Vacant | (Provincial/Federal Government) 

Lavone Olson | Yellowhead County (Municipal – Upper Basin)

Colleen Powell  | Town of Athabasca (Municipal – Middle Basin)

Victor Gladue |  M.D. of Opportunity (Municipal – Lower Basin) 



Vacant | (Forestry)

Vacant | (Oil & Gas)

Terry Sheehan | Sunnie Valley Farms (Small Agricultural Producer)

Jamie Giberson | Aspen Regional Water Services Commission (Mining/Utilities)

Vacant | Agriculture


Chantel Quintel | Individual Member




NGO’s, Stewardship, Academia

Vacant | (Health & Environment)

Joel Gervais | Individual (Health and Environment)

Paula Evans | Crooked Creek Conservancy Society (Stewardship)

Lorraine Johnstone MacKay | Athabasca River Voyageur Canoe Brigade Society (Stewardship)

Dr. Scott Ketcheson | Athabasca University (Research & Academia)



Bill Grieve| Individual (Member-at-Large)

Rick Zroback | Individual (Member-at-Large)

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