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2022 Youth Calendar Contest Winners
December 2021

We had so many great entries in our 2022 Youth Calendar contest it was hard to choose who to feature in the calendar! Now that we’ve sent the calendar off to be printed, here are the winners of our calendar contest: 

Interior Cover Winner: Parks A.  

December 2021 Winner: Sophia M.  

January 2022: Kaiden B. In-line Winner: Marley Y. 

February 2022: Aidyn Y. In-line Winner: Suri R. 

March 2022: Lucas B. In-line Winner: Zoe D.  

April 2022: Kingston M. In-line Winner: Emilie M. 

May 2022: Nicholas A. In-line Winner: Suri R. 

June 2022: Hannah B. In-line Winner: Grayson S. 

July 2022: Aaron S. In-line Winner: Sophie P. 

August 2022: Presley Y. In-line Winner: Caelan D. 

September 2022: Oliver R. In-line Winner: Robert F. 

October 2022: Sophie P. In-line Winner: Grace B.  

November 2022: Hailey-Jane M. In-line Winner: Lucas B.  

December 2022: Mia-Jane F.