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Find recreation related resources, organizations, and reports. 

Wildfire Safety Guide

Learn how you can implement steps to preventing wildfires and being prepared for them just in case! This guide features information for recreation as well as for home owners.

Paddling the Mighty Athabasca River – Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants

Take the plunge with Sanne from Parks Canada and immerse yourself in the Athabasca River! Starting at the Columbia Icefield, this Canadian Heritage River winds through rocky gorges, over waterfalls, along sand dunes and meanders through mellow marshlands. The river is home to lots of wildlife, including 15 species of fish, 5 amphibians, birds, bears, moose and many other mammals. This river also tells many stirring stories.


Grand Rapids Wilderness Adventures – Let’s Go Outdoors

This video is part one of three in a series going down the Athabasca River towards the Grand Rapids.