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Municipal Forum – Nov. 17, 2018 – Westlock

“A river is a connector.  It connects people to the environment and communities to each other.  Our quality of life is tied to healthy and sustainable water supplies for the environment, for our communities and for our economic well-being.”

Municipal Forum Invitation

Athabasca Watershed Council will be hosting a Municipal Forum in Westlock on November 17, 2018.

November 17, 2018 | 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Westlock Inn & Conference Center
10411 100 St Westlock, AB T7P 2G7
Tel. 780 349 4483 Fax. 780 349 6503

Receive a room discount as an attendee of the forum. Inquire when booking.


This forum is a free event, hosted by the AWC-WPAC to build partnerships with and inform our Municipal stakeholders.

Please RSVP here. 


Who Should Attend:

  • CAO/COO’s
  • Mayors, Reeves & Councillors
  • Staff from finance, planning, utilities, agriculture, public works, waste management and recreation departments.


Tentative Presentations & Topics:

  • The Athabasca River Basin: From Glacier to Delta – Dr Robert Holmberg Ph.D., M.Sc., B.A., Professor Emeritus, Biology, University of Athabasca
  • Municipal Leadership & Collaboration – AnnLisa Jensen, Councillor, Parkland County
  • Integrated Watershed Management Planning of the Athabasca Watershed
  • Tourism in the Watershed
  • Economic study of the value of the Athabasca Watershed
  • Movie making
  • And more!


Afternoon Discussion:

Do you have a “Good News” story, an innovative project underway, or big plans for the future? We want to hear about it!

Each Municipality will have the opportunity to share their water-related success stories during a roundtable discussion.

This is an opportunity to share, learn and strengthen connections to ensure safe drinking water for all.


We look forward to seeing you, members of your council and staff on November 17, 2018, in Westlock!

Logistics: November 17, 2018, from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. in Westlock.