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Have ‘coffee’ with AWC’s new Executive Director!
Announcements and Events | events | February 2021

The Athabasca Watershed Council is pleased to welcome Petra Rowell as our new Executive Director!

Having graduated from the University of Alberta in 1990, Petra has more than 25 years of experience as a wildlife biologist, working throughout Alberta on migratory bird studies, endangered species recovery, and land stewardship programs. Over the past decade and a half, she has been immersed in Alberta’s provincial water policy: assisting provincial and municipal governments and their partners (including industry, non-government organizations and Indigenous communities) in developing policies, plans and programs to support implementation of the Water for Life strategy.

Petra has worked for a number of Alberta’s Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils, and is looking forward to sharing these experiences with the Athabasca Watershed Council.

“Essentially, I enjoy helping organizations be successful in achieving their shared goals and objectives. I look forward to working with the Athabasca Watershed Council and getting to know each of you better in the very near future!”

Although meeting in person is still a bit of a challenge, the AWC’s new Executive Director, Petra Rowell, is looking forward to ‘virtually’ meeting AWC Directors, Members and staff.

Please consider this an invitation to join Petra Rowell online via Zoom, Friday, March 12, 10:00 – 11:00 AM. Bring your own coffee, drop in or drop out if you can’t stay the whole time. And bring your questions! Petra will give a short presentation on the role of the AWC Executive Director and then will open the floor to questions, comments, suggestions, etc. We hope you’ll join us.

To join the meeting, click here.

The Athabasca Watershed Council would also like to thank Janet Pomeroy, our previous Executive Director, for her work and dedication towards the Athabasca Watershed Council. For the past two years, Janet has been a great help to our organization, working with members, board of directors, and stakeholders to maintain the Athabasca Watershed and uphold the Alberta, “Water For Life,” strategy. She announced her retirement at the end of 2020 and we wish her the very best in her future endeavors.