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We held a Board Meeting on July 20-21 in Athabasca.
Events and Governance | July 2017

The first meeting of our 2017-18 Board of Directors was a productive and engaging one. We held the meeting in Athabasca on July 20-21. We elected an executive committee for 2017-18, which is now comprised of Brian Deheer (Board Chair), Dan Moore, (Vice-Chair), Cleo Reece (Secretary), and Tim Polzin (Treasurer). We also appointed members to our various sub-committees, including the technical committee, communications and community engagement committee, finance and fundraising committee, and HR Committee. We also approved our workplan for 2017-18. We’ve got lots of fun and exciting ideas and can’t wait to meet you at some of some of the events that we’ve got planned for communities throughout the watershed!