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Athabasca Watershed Council

Our Watershed, Our Responsibility

Vision: The Athabasca watershed is ecologically healthy, diverse and dynamic.


LeafOur Watershed

The Athabasca River watershed is the area of land that captures rain, hail and snow that eventually drain into the Athabasca River. Together with the area of land within Alberta that drains into Lake Athabasca, they form the Athabasca watershed. Learn More

Link2Management Unit

Water flowing through land carries contaminants generated by our activities that may adversely affect receiving water bodies and downstream land. The watershed is a unit suitable for the responsible management of our activities. Learn More

MedicalCaseEcological Health

Ecology is the study of the relationships between living organisms and their natural environments. An ecologically healthy watershed maintains the integrity of these relationships and has resiliency to recover after disturbances to these relationships. Learn More

CheckWatershed Condition

Condition indicators tell us about the condition of water, air, land and wildlife (environment). Measurements of parameters are compared with values scientifically proven to cause no adverse effect to the environment and people. Learn More